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Camden Foundation Technologies offers a variety of ways to preclude vertical settlement, depending on site aesthetics, type of construction, soil characteristics, and design requirements.

Regardless of the reason for foundation settlement, the effects can be devastating to the structural integrity and value of the structure.

To correct your foundation settlement contact Camden Foundation Technologies or to learn more about our foundation repair system research our foundation repair section.

Still other soils are incapable of supporting structures altogether without using a type of deep foundation system. If during the course of your building project or before you begin, you discover that you need a type of deep foundation system, contact Camden Foundation Technologies or to acquire more knowledge about the different types of deep foundations that we install examine our deep foundation services.

Camden Foundation Technologies is a division of John T. Camden Construction Company and has been in business since 1948. The business began with John T. Camden doing excavation work, then, his son, John B. Camden, joined the family business after returning from the Army. In 1963, father and son built their first bridge together, and throughout the last fifty years the company has advanced their equipment and technologies while maintaining timeless values and quality work.