Driven piles are installed to accommodate compression, tension or lateral loads. Piles can be selected to meet the specific needs of your site conditions or budget. Camden Foundation Technologies piles are installed to established criteria. Because they are normally driven to a blow count to assure the desired minimum capacity, pile lengths may vary when subsoil conditions are not uniform. In corrosive environments, coatings and or additives can be used to nullify the effects of corrosion thereby lengthening the service life of a structure.


The design, installation and quality assurance that are a part of each driven pile combine to eliminate any guesswork and produce a known, reliable, and cost effective product which can accommodate a wide variety of situations. Driven piles consist of natural materials or pre-manufactured shapes built to precise tolerances utilizing high-strength materials and reliable quality control. Their quality is consistent from the first pile to the last and can be seen and verified prior to installation.


Camden Foundation Technologies equipment and installation methods are time-tested and well proven. Recording the blow count versus depth during pile driving easily documents pile installation. You know what you have at the completion of driving because they have a measurable capacity providing assurance that the piles meet the project requirements. Driven piles have vastly superior structural strength because they have high lateral and bending resistances for their entire length.

Cost Effective

Driven piles are usually the most cost effective foundation solution. There are no hidden extra costs or added expenses for site clean-up. Capacity per pile or pile length can be easily calculated to provide exactly the required capacity (including safety factors). As an additional benefit, driven piles often gain capacity after installation.

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Better Steel - Better Piles

All Magnum 3.00" diameter helical pile and push pier products and many of our other products are manufactured from ASTM A513 steel tubing. This premium steel tubing has higher carbon and alloy content, which means greater strength. ASTM A513 is the common designation for mechanical tubing, which is used in applications that require closer tolerances and when strength to weight ratios are important. This type of tubing is used in applications where dimensions and quality are critical for products like hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers. Statistical process control is used to reduce variations in tube dimensions and the welding process. Other helical and resistance pile manufacturers produce products made from uncertifed, used, or rejected materials.

Patented Dual Cutting Edge Helix

Magnum's patented dual-cutting-edge (DCE) helix out performs standard circular helical bearing plates in diffcult soil and bedrock conditions. The DCE helix offers a truer installation, tracks better, cuts through diffcult soils such as gravel, construction debris, or trash, and will penetrate medium hard bedrock formations with an SPT blow count up to 100 to 150 blows per foot, or 50/6 to 50/4. The DCE helix gives you a better chance of getting through tough soil and bedrock situations without the need for pre-drilling.

High Strength Round Shafts

Magnum offers round high-strength, structural steel tube shafts with rigid couplings because round shafts generally have greater torsional capacity, greater buckling capacity, and greater lateral capacity than square or rectangular shafts. This means that helical piles and push piers can be used in new construction for structures with lateral wind and seismic loads. It also means that you can compute buckling conventionally and you can use Magnum helical piles and push piers in soft soils without the need for grout around the shaft.

Helix Piling

No Soil Spoils, No Vibration, No Heavy Equipment

Unlike the equipment and processes required to install other deep foundations, helix piles do not create any soil spoils that must be removed. The installation equipment is small, easily maneuverable and does not create vibrations. These features and benefits make Helix Foundations an efficient and affordable solution for job sites with restrictive access or environmentally sensitive conditions.

What is a Helix Foundation System and How Does it Work?

Helix foundations are an economical deep foundation alternative to wood and steel shell driven piles or concrete caissons. They are also a sensible and often more reliable alternative to shallow footings and reinforced mat foundations. In addition, Helix Foundations are excellent for supporting new residential buildings, additions, retaining walls and boardwalks. The torque required to install a helix pile is a good indication of the strength, density and bearing capacity of the soil at the depth of the helix cutting blades. Once the helix pile is successfully installed, it serves as a deep foundation support.

On most projects, helical piling can be installed quicker than traditional concrete caissons, or steel shell and wood piling. They can be installed in any kind of weather and are not subject to delay from groundwater and caving soil. The speed of installation alone often results in significant cost savings in comparison to any other foundation type.

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Technical Support

Magnum Piering, Inc. understands the importance of providing excellent technical support. Magnum strives to provide the best, most accessible, most responsive, and most knowledgeable technical support and engineering team in the industry.


Since its founding in 1981, Magnum Piering, Inc. has gained the expertise that newer companies just don’t have. We have provided engineering support, foundation products, installation observation and load testing for a variety of diverse projects. Our projects range from residential tract homes to high-rise commercial developments, industrial gas compressors, deep excavation shoring, membrane tension structures and NASA launch pads. Our experience has resulted in an extensive and encompassing product line to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Our director of engineering, Dr. Howard Perko, authored the only book currently available on helical pile installation and design, issued by a world-renowned publisher, John Wiley & Sons. Dr. Perko also authored helical pile additions to the 2009 IBC, and he was an expert consultant on writing of the NYC DOB code on helical piles. Having Magnum’s experts on your team will give you piece of mind.

Engineering Services

Magnum Piering has partnered with Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC to provide assistance in engineering projects involving Magnum Piering, Inc. products. Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC currently operates an engineering offce in Loveland, Colorado. Here a team of engineers is standing by ready and willing to help with project submittals and design-build support for foundation, shoring, underpinning, repair, and earth retention projects. Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC’s engineers are licensed in 30 U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces. We also frequently provide support and advice under a peer review system throughout the World. Customers receive a separate contract and are charged by Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC for engineering services provided.

CAD Design Services

Our in-house CAD design department and engineers have the talent to design specialty foundation products to suit specifc project requirements and the needs of our customers. Simply put in a request for quote for a specifc foundation product, custom cap, or drive tool, and Magnum’s CAD department in conjunction with manufacturing and sales will turn-around a drawing and quote for your approval in typically 24 to 48 hours.