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Backflow Preventers: Febco

Castings: East Jordan Iron Works

Cements, Solvents, & Cleaners: Oatey

Concrete Products  

Copper Tubing     

Couplings: Fernco, Powerseal, Telsco

Drainage, Landscape & Septic Products: NDS, Tuf-Tite

Fittings, Brass: A.Y. McDonald, Matco-Norca

Fittings, Clay: Can Clay

Fittings, Corrugated: Francesville Drain Tile, Hancor

Fittings, Ductile Iron: Clow Water Systems, Tyler Pipe

Fittings, Flanged: Sigma, Star Pipe

Fittings, Galvanized: Matco-Norca

Fittings, HDPE: Independent Pipe Products

Fittings, PVC: Freedom, GPK, Harco, Spears

Hydrants: Clow Corporation, East Jordan Iron Works, Kennedy Valve, Kupferle, M & H Valve

Joint Restraints: EBAA

Line Cameras      

Link Seals 



Marking Flags & Paint        

Meter Pits: Francesville Drain Tile

Meters: Master Meter

Municipal Castings: Tyler Pipe

Municipal Items: Cherne

Pipe, Clay: Can Clay

Pipe, Corrugated: Francesville Drain Tile, Hancor

Pipe, Ductile Iron: Clow Water Systems

Pipe, Ductile Iron Flanged: Fast Fabricators

Pipe, HDPE: CSR Polypipe

Protective Clothing  

Pipe, PVC: Bristolpipe, Freedom, North American Pipe

Repair Clamps: Powerseal

Saddles: A.Y. McDonald, JCM, NDS, Romac

Saws & Accessories: Partner

Tapping Machines & Parts: Romac

Tapping Sleeves: Hydra-Stop, JCM, Powerseal

Testing Equipment: Cherne

Tools & Accessories: Reed

Tubing, Corrugated: Francesville Drain Tile, Hancor

Valves: Clow Corporation, Kennedy Valve, M & H Valve, Val-Matic

Valves, Butterfly: Pratt

Valves, Plumbing: A.Y. McDonald

Valves, Small Diameter: Legend Valve


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